Advertising As Art: ‘No Passion Without Risk’

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Great advertising can be art. One example is the Pantaenius Yacht Insurance campaign ‘No Passion Without Risk’.

Martin Baum, Managing Director of the Pantaenius Group, set out to create a campaign that merged the passion for luxury yachts with the power of seduction. He succeeded completely. The sexy, sophisticated ads captivate.

He chose a perfect partner in Hinnerk Bodendieck, who prefers the title painter rather than artist. A sailor himself, he channels his love for the sport in the collection of 12. They are so alluring and beautifully executed, it’s difficult to call them advertising. Or, rather they are – the best kind.

pantaenius poster, two ladies in the water

The connection of boat as beautiful woman has never been stronger in ‘Two Ladies in the Water’. Bodendieck paints a beautiful women with an equally beautiful 12 meter yacht.

The Pantaenius site explains, ‘We are in the late Nineteenth Century. She is pensively viewing the yacht. Is the lady real? Or only in our imagination?’

pantaenius icon poster

A classic 60s vibe is evident throughout, especially in ‘Icon’, where a stylish woman in a tailored suit plays with model 12 meter. The blonde model is reminiscent of the iconic Brigitte Bardot.

‘To be stylish is one thing; to be a style icon is something else. It requires boldness, character, imagination and innovation. Styles change, but the true icons of style, with their timeless charm, remain part of our heritage,’ Pantaenius explains.

pantaenius gunshot poster

The campaign is meant to provoke and it does. ‘Gunshot’ features a a women holding a superyacht as one would hold a shotgun.

pantaenius siren poster

The siren poster gets a bit racy, you can see she is doing her best to entice the crew of Odysseus Toy.

‘Following the instructions of the witch Circe, Odysseus’ crew put molten wax in their ears to deafen themselves to the deadly allures of the sirens’ chants’ says the site.

The ‘No Passion without Risk—Leave the Risk to Us,’ slogan is on point and sends a clear message. ‘Every passion, no matter what sort, carries a certain level of risk, and yachting is no different,’ Baum says. ‘I, as a yacht owner, will be able to enjoy my passion while Pantaenius looks after the risks. Only then can I lean back and relax.’

Kudos to Pantaenius on creating such a compelling, innovative campaign. Click here for the gallery of all twelve posters.

Kara Hugglestone is a San Francisco-based branding professional, accessory designer, sailor and traveler. When time permits, she also indulges in her passion for things classic: cars, movies, wine and fashion. You can follow her on Instagram at @gallerykara.

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