Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection: Carry Your Passion for Sailing with You

Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection makes sailcloth bags you will love as much as sailing. A passionate sailor herself, Ella was one of the first to repurpose sails into bags. Twenty years later she continues to make captivating items out of this unique medium.

Each year Ella expands her collection of designs. It’s exciting to see what is new, but it also means it’s good to act quickly if you like something as room is always being made for new things.

If you are not a fan yet, you soon will be – she is offering Sail Couture readers a special discount: 10% off anything on her website with code: SAILCOUTURE!


The most recent version of the Original Sailcloth Duffle, notice the nice brass hardware, photo: Ella Vickers

I first discovered the Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection while shopping the quaint shops of Annapolis. It was years ago now, but I still recall how thrilled I was to find the perfect sailing duffle. It was her signature “original sailcloth duffle,” white Dacron with contrasting orange fabric and a rakish blue number set at an angle. Mine has served me well for nearly ten years.

It’s interesting to see how that initial purchase has morphed into numerous totes, handbags, duffles and more. Warning, Ella’s products can be a bit addicting – in a good way.

How wonderful that so many of her bags are made from recycled sails, which otherwise would likely end up in a landfill. That fact was actually the inspiration for her collection.

ella-vickers-first-mate-on-americas-cup yacht-columbia

Ella served as first mate on the America’s Cup yacht Columbia and her first bags were made from her sails, photo: Ella Vickers

Back in 1989, as first mate on Newport’s famed America’s Cup yacht Columbia, Ella was changing sails one day and realized the owners were making plans to toss the old ones. She requested to take them home instead and experimented a bit that night. Ella had been taught to sew by her great-grandmother and the skills paid off. She created three large totes and the next day they didn’t even make it to work. She sold all three off her arm while walking to Columbia.

Although Ella loved her life as a professional sailor, she did have ambitions beyond. Suddenly a new career was born.  The rest as they say is history.

Today Ella presides over a successful international design and manufacturing business. In an increasingly competitive sail bag market, it’s Ella’s sophisticated designs that sets her apart.

jennifer hinkel of resilience racing models the ella vickers monaco bag

Jennifer Hinkel of Resilience Racing models the Monaco Bag with blue details. It’s also available in grey and red, photo: Sail Couture


The very chic Monaco bag can go anywhere, photo: Ella Vickers

I’m in love with her Monaco bag; I get compliments each time I carry it. It can go anywhere with its effortless elegance. Workday tote, to posh dinner, to weekend at the beach, it’s your bag.

ella vickers st. barths bag in kevlar

Jennifer Hinkel of Resilience Racing with her St. Barths Bag, Kevlar glistening in the sun, photo: Sail Couture

detail of ella vickers st. barths bag in kevlar

The sleek, flat St. Barths works equally as well as a shoulder bag or as a clutch, photo: Ella Vickers

Another favorite bag is the St. Barths Bag. It’s a sleek, flat handbag that fits perfectly over the shoulder or as a clutch. the black bag with Kevlar is particularly versatile. I’m not the only one; Jennifer Hinkel, founder of Resilience Racing, a sailing team of cancer survivors, loves hers. Resilience Racing is a wonderful organization, you can learn more about them here and follow on Facebook here.

“It’s dressy enough to carry at a black tie and a wonderful way to integrate your love of sailing with the rest of your life,” Jennifer said.

ella vickers rope tote

Ella’s best selling bag is her Rope Tote, photo: Ella Vickers

Two of Ella’s best sellers are actually her rope totes and wine bag. The rope totes are a perfect size for daily life… Boat tote, grocery bag, beach bag, the uses are endless. They can be customized with letters, numbers and insignias.

ella vickers sailcloth wine tote

An attractive way to transport your wine… Ella’s wine bag, photo: Ella Vickers

Ella’s Wine Bag is chic and comfortable way to transport your wine. They make great gifts too. How wonderful to present a bottle of wine to a sailor wrapped this way.

ella vickers sail tote large

Ella’s Sail Tote Large is both colorful and roomy, photo: Ella Vickers

New introductions are the Sail Tote Large which is roomy, over-sized bag in Ella’s signature white, blue and orange and the elegant Navigation Collection in black sailcloth and beige trim.

ella vickers navigation club tote

The Navigation line was inspired by Ella’s love for sailing at night, photo: Ella Vickers

The Navigation Line was inspired by Ella’s love for sailing at night. She was guided by the celestial stars and felt at peace in the open black waters. The designs and images in her head that came to be the Navigation Collection was the perfect complement to the cool weather days that come with fall and winter.

With its black Dacron sailcloth and beige trim, it’s a perfect complement to cooler weather. Navigation is a complete collection, including a variety of totes, duffles and even wine bag and tablet case.


The Calypso Bag is perfect for resort; don’t you hear steel drums just looking at it? photo: Ella Vickers


The Bimini is a festive tote, perfect for a trip to the islands, photo: Ella Vickers

Ella’s brightly colored Island Collection designs are ideal for Resort. They are festive and fun and I hear steel drums just looking at them; they have names to match: Bimini, Calypso, Abaco.

There are also many fun things for the home too: directors chairs, bean bags, dog beds, shower curtains and more.

ella vickers with her family

Ella and her husband Tony with their two children in Writghtsville Beach, photo: Ella Vickers

Ella now lives in Wrightsville Beach, NC with her family, husband and fellow sailor Tony and their two young children. Together they enjoy sailing their Soverel 48 and their Lightning dinghy, which they race locally.

I’m particularly thankful Ella decided to rescue those sails so many years ago. My life on and off the water are that much more beautiful for her creations.

Remember to use code SAILCOUTURE for 10% off site-wide on EllaVickers.com!

Kara Hugglestone is a San Francisco-based branding professional, accessory designer, sailor and traveler. When time permits, she also indulges in her passion for things classic: cars, movies, wine and fashion. You can follow her on Twitter at @gallerykara.

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