Modern Sailing in the Glamorous ‘Flying Dreams’ Movie

Phantom International founder Alex Udin found a unique and beautiful way to showcase their new foiling catamaran.


He partnered with Director Elsa Blayau and Red Bull Media House to create a film as special as his boat.

You can watch the video by clicking here


the flying phantom in action


‘flying dreams’ director elsa blayau

‘Flying Dreams’ is an ode to ocean, watersports and femininity, told through an artistic black and white lens.


claire-lise welter a french water ski athlete and double european champion in slalom

Claire-Lise Welter, a French water ski athlete who embodies the modern woman, both elegant and sporty, plays the main character. She discovers sailing in the most elegant and glamorous way.


benjamin lamotte at the helm

Benjamin Lamotte shows what the the Flying Phantom can do.


brittany making a beautiful backdrop

“I have for a long time wanted to make a film that connects with people who are not necessarily experts in sailing. To show our sport in a new way, which is more artistic, more sensual and less focused on racing and performances. I also wanted to show how surprising some unknown places in Brittany could be,” said Alex Udin.


phantom international founder alex udin

Alex has succeeded on all counts. ‘Flying Dreams’ is exquisite.

You can view the video here and read about the making of ‘Flying Dreams’ here.

I wish you all such perfect flying dreams tonight.

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