The Perfect Champagne for Your Valentine’s Personality

Nothing says romance like a fine rosé champagne… The delicate pink color and ethereal bubbles so perfectly capture the pleasure and excitement of amour.

There are so many wonderful rosés…. Which one is the perfect match for your special Valentine? Read on to see!



Always at the top of the game, your valentine is accustomed to winning both on and off the water. Only the best will do.

Krug Brut Rosé

Serious wine people thrill at the mention of Krug, which is simply blended alchemy. Krug creates its rosé with three grape varieties, several different vintages from a library of 150 reserve wines and skin-fermented pinot noir. Every year Krug recreates, from scratch, the many facets that give it’s rosé its defining character.

LVMH does hold a majority position in the House, but the Krug family is still actively involved in decision making.

Krug Rosé is a symphony of aromas and tastes. Blackberry, plum and honey and spice notes come together in a beautifully choreographed dance. Wine & Spirits calls it “delicate pink heaven in a glass.”


g. h. mumm brut rose

The Adventurer

Your valentine may work 9-5 now, but a round the world cruise is in the works and never far from mind.

G.H. Mumm Rosé

The founding members of G.H. Mumm were an adventuresome bunch, including hot air balloonists and pilots. Adventure has always been a keystone and in 2008 the house established the exclusive Cordon Rouge Club which admits just one celebrated explorer each year. Luminaries such as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo nonstop around the world; Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the first person to visit both North and South Poles band to cross Antartica by foot) and Dee Caffari, MBE, the first woman to sail solo, nonstop around the world in both directions, are counted among the ranks.

Lively and vibrant, with strawberry and a hint of vanilla, it offers a rich complexity benefiting those celebrating an exploit or planning the next.

veuve clicquot rose

The Fashionista

Fashion is art for your valentine; risks are taken and rewarded… A spread in Vogue or GQ is not far away.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé

Like your valentine, this lovely rosé is beautiful inside and out. Veuve Clicquot dresses it’s rosé beautiful, sophisticated boxes, ice jackets and shopping bags. The gift sets could be called the couture of the wine world. The Japanese Shakkei sets are particularly inspired with a mix of floral and geometric patterns that would be quite at home walking the runway.

Intense, sensual and elegant, cherry and pastry notes dance on the tongue. It offers exceptional balance and is sure to delight your chic valentine.

billecart-salmon brut rose

The Artist

Skilled in the fine arts, and adept at most things, your valentine typifies the word the term artiste.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé

Billecart-Salmon is a medium-sized champagne house that crafts a beautiful rosé that defines the category for many.

Founded in the 1800s when Nicholas Francois Billecart married Elizabeth Salmon, the house remains in the family today. Year after year the Billecarts continues to craft their great iconic, rosé.

A palette of roses, red fruit with a bit of zesty citrus is found it’s Billecart’s signature orange-pink hue.  It’s art for your artist.

pol roger brut rose

The Traditionalist

A student of history and legend in the making your valentine likes it old school.

Pol Roger Rosé

Pol Roger is one of the few major Champagne Houses still independently owned. The descendants of Pol Roger are still integrally involved and see it remains true to its classic roots.

A rosé of extraordinary finesse, it captivates with wild strawberry, apple notes, then a creamy ripeness develops with a hint of vanilla.

Pol Roger was the favorite champagne of one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, Sir Winston Churchill. Their prestige label is named after him.

Churchill was quite the champagne fan, there are many bubbly quotes attributed to him including, “It’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!”


champagne fleury rose


The Boehemian

Your valentine takes a natural approach in everything and isn’t afraid to march to a different drummer in pursuit of it.

Fleury Brut Rosé

Champagne Fleury was the first Champagne House to farm biodynamically, the strictest form of organic viticulture, which it has committed to 100%. Another hallmark is using 100% pinot noir for their rosé.

Fleury rosé is made by maceration, with all the skins in contact with all the juice. Unlike many made in this technique it’s not too big, but rather an elegant rosé with a wonderful pinot noir nose.

Try something new and charm your valentine at the same time.

louis roederer rose

The Independent

Your valentine supports independents of any size and refuses to compromise while doing so.

Louis Roederer Rosé

Louis Roederer is one of the last major independent and family-owned Maison de Champagne, or Champagne House. The grapes are entirely estate grown and the many grand cru vineyards yield exceptional wine.

The rosé boasts raspberry and cherry notes mixed with smoke and mineral accents for truly beautiful champagne. The rosé shows all the finesse of this house, which also produces the super premium Cristal.

ruinart rose

The Foodie

‘Live to eat’ is your valentine’s motto… The quality of a food and wine pairing can make or break the entire evening for your darling gourmand.

Ruinart Rosé

The Ruinart Brut Rosé is a perfect choice for the foodie, it’s called it the ‘cuvee gourmande’ in fact. Notes of red berries, spices and flowers give a complex aromatic richness that pairs beautifully with a variety of foods: salmon fillet, beef carpaccio, cherry tomatoes and balsamic and fresh fruit to name just a few.

The vintage 2002 Dom Ruinart Rosé takes the experience to the next level. Intense, complex and exotic with guava, blood orange and rose aromas notes mixing into one of the greatest Ruinart rosé vintages.

bollinger rose

The Secret Agent

Charming, dapper and daring, your globe-trotting lives for adventure and intrigue.

Bollinger Rosé

James Bond consumes a variety of exceptional wines in Fleming’s books, but in the Bond films since 1973s Live and Let Die it’s been all about Bollinger Champagne.

Successful marketing partnership or not, Bond does have impeccable taste (witness his Brioni suits) and Bollinger is exceptional in every way.

Bollinger owns nearly all of the their vineyards and in so can control everything from start to finish. The Bollinger Rosé has a refined elegance with notes of red berries, peach and a bit toast and honey – providing liquid intrigue.

laurent-perrier brut rose

The Bon Vivant

Witty and urbane, your valentine collects admirers and is always the most popular party guest.

Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Brut Rosé

Laurent-Perrier is the most popular rosé champagne in the world.

Although best seller may not always mean best in class, here it’s an indicator of something special indeed. It’s one of the few rosés still made by the saignee method – using 100% pinot noir using skin contact.

Bright, fresh and intense at the same time, it’s a symphony of cherry, strawberry, licorice and creamy vanilla. Laurent-Perrier is the benchmark for rosé champagne around the world. A charmer for sure.


jacques selosse rose



The Collector

Your valentine lives for the chase… It’s a never ending quest the best, the unique, the elusive.

Selosse Brut Rosé

Jacques Selosse Brut Rosé is that special cult wine the serious collectors desire passionately.

Founder Jacques Selosse’s son Anselme, who took over in 1980, has further crafted a champagne with a unique flavor profile and remarkable texture that is highly prized and extremely difficult to come by.

Strawberry, apple, ginger, brioche come together in the most exceptional way. It’s said to be one of the greatest champagnes if not wines.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun list. What are some other other champagne personalities? We’d love to hear from you.

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